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There's A Walkera RC Helicopter For Every Hobbyist

To actually fly a radio controlled helicopter has gotten to be a very exciting pastime. With the new developments in technology Walkera RC Helicopter has risen to the challenge. That challenge is to build RC Helicopters that will fit any budget and reach any skill level to satisfy to most experience pilots.

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Radio controlled Helicopter flight has long been a hobby open to professional RC pilots with lots of money. Sure the technology was available at a price and so was the level of complexity. RC beginners almost had no chance without the help of an experienced RC pilot.

RC Helicopters were primarily run on nitro fuels and were complicated to tune and get them running right so you could try to fly. But today the industry has made a switch to electric motors and computerized radios in the 2.4 MHz band. Gone are the days of interference causing you to crash? Gone are the days when you had to worry about someone else using a radio on the same frequency as your transmitter?

Cost is always a big question for many and today we can fly indoors or outside at the airfield. Fantastic flight characteristics are available for indoor flight at prices under $25 and go up into the hundreds of dollars. RC Helicopter models to fly outdoors that are still fun to fly will start at about $50. As the level of complexity goes up so does the price which can run up into thousands of dollars.

Many believe the cheap one is not worth the money. This is a mistake because they are very sophisticated technological marvels that are very durable. The cheap RC Helicopters are considered toys and bought for kids but when you see them fly and crash hundreds of times without damage you are sure to be impressed.

These toys are loaded with real value and should you break something their replacements parts are available to get you flying again in no time. Many are even upgradable will longer lasting rechargeable batteries and bigger more powerful electric motors. More advanced models have lots of options and can be more expensive. So start out with the cheap RC Helicopters to learn on then move up to the more advanced.

Buying Tips

First things first the Internet is the place to go to get a little information about Helicopters and the new technologies we have today. As the title of the article states there is a Walkera RC Helicopter for everyone. Online you can find many Walkera RC Helicopter flight reviews and forums where you can learn all you need to know about models and flying them.

Jumping into the big expensive collective pitch Helicopters has a learning curve to deal with. If this is your ultimate goal then join one of the many Helicopter flying clubs. There you can learn from many of the more experienced pilots. We have many Helicopter flight simulators and many have been successful at learning to fly some of the more complicated collective pitch big Helicopters using them.

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